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17 Oct 2021

C# API to Zip S3 files

A memory efficient API method to Zip and download existing S3 files.

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6 Jul 2020

Improve Your Code Quality

With Visual Studio using built in features and free extensions.

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4 Jun 2020

What is Unit Testing?

How does it help to create quality software, and the trade off between the cost of writing a test and the value it gives.

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15 Apr 2020

An Introduction to Powershell

A useful skill to have in your dev toolbox to create scripts to do almost anything.

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14 Feb 2019

Docker Container Guide For Windows Legacy Applications

How to create windows app Docker images and troubleshoot them.

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21 Jul 2017

Better Passwords

So, how do you avoid your accounts being compromised? Well, you can’t avoid it completely so you need to limit your exposure.

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13 Mar 2017

Rendering a Fruit Machine Reel

So, this is a bit of experimentation, playing with the position and size of images to see if I can create an animated fruit machine reel.

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4 Dec 2016

Oracle Client on Windows 2016 Docker + DotNet 4.5 MVC

This blog will show you how to setup your Docker images for ODAC and what exceptions you may get.

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5 Oct 2016

SimCity BuildIt Buying and Selling Bot

Next in my SimCity BuildIt bot I tackle buying and Selling crafted items to generate in game currency.

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14 Aug 2016

SimCity BuildIt Crafting Bot

When a task is repetitive, why would we want to do it ourselves, if someone or something else could do it equally well or better.

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19 Apr 2015

Cross Platform Apps For Microsoft Developers

There is a demand which didn’t exist five years ago for business applications which run on tablets and phones.

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18 Apr 2015

Productivity from 'The Flow'

Have you ever started a task and before you knew it hours had passed ?

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20 Oct 2014

Ingress Intel Total Conversion - JavaScript Plugin

I wrote a Javascript plugin for the Ingress Intel Total Conversion browser add-on to show fields which only needed one link to complete them.

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20 Oct 2014

Single responsibility principle - Redefined

Uncle Bob has redefined Single Responsibility Principle.

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8 Jul 2014

Chaining promises with AngularJs and JQuery

Promises allow for consistent handling of the results of a task. If you must have more than one step then promises can be chained.

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16 Jun 2014

Giving feedback during a long running task

When transaction take a more than a few seconds, then feedback can be given using client refresh / client pull or server push.

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15 Apr 2014

The Physical vs Online Scrum board

Once you have a virtual whiteboard the question is 'What benefit does a physical scrum board give'?

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6 Apr 2014

Scrum Retrospective & Preparation

A retrospective is a meeting held at the end of a sprint which has the main aim of improving the performance of the team during future sprints.

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6 Apr 2014

Virtual Reality is back

There are two types of immersive technologies. 'virtual reality' where you are fully immersed in a virtual world via a head mounted display and 'augmented reality' where your normal reality is improved or altered.

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2 Mar 2014

CSS Transformations

Animation is possible by simply using CSS

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1 Mar 2014

Testing JavaScript with Visual Studio

If your web application is using JavaScript for non trivial functionality then it makes sense to test it programmatically.

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16 Feb 2014

HTML5 Canvas Animation

This demo draws a rectangle and moves it each time it is redrawn

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16 Feb 2014

My Development Tools

These are the tools I use daily...

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9 Feb 2014

HTML5 Canvas

What is the HTML5 canvas? and what can it do?

About Me

My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20, I had great fun trying to code text adventures and side scrolling shoot ‘em ups in BASIC. This helped me lead the way as the first in my school to pass a computer exam.

Currently I work as a Senior Software Engineer in Milton Keynes for a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer. Coding daily in C#, JavaScript and SQL. Outside of work I work on whatever is interesting me at that time.